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  • For indoor use
  • Floor fasteners
  • Terrace fasteners
  • Angle bars

ESSVE products

Preferring ESSVE as a supplier of fastening solutions is a safe, secure and easy choice. ESSVE offers a complete range of fasteners. We have 40,000 different products in our selection. Our products range from tiny screws used in mobile phones to large mounting solutions for dams.

We want to provide you with accurate and clear information to make it easy for you to choose the right product. We test all the products we sell and carry out regular random checks during the manufacturing process and during storage.

A wide product range and in-depth knowledge make ESSVE the Nordic market leader in fastening solutions. We have been supplying fasteners to the construction industry since 1970. Thanks to our industry expertise, we provide our customers with safe and secure solutions.

We have a wide selection of fasteners, about 800 different articles of manufacture. A description of the application of our products and installation instructions can be found on the packaging as well as in the product catalogue. Different solutions for different environments. The Nordic climate puts high requirements on our products. Temperatures ranging from -30 to +30 degrees require quality products. Our fasteners are designed specifically for the Nordic climate.

ESSVE CorrSeal is our surface treatment product that provides extremely effective corrosion protection. The surface treatment has been tested by SITAC, which gave it corrosion class C4, in short that means interior spaces with very humid and heavily contaminated air or air with a moderate salt content or outdoor spaces with significantly contaminated air.

Our dealership also sells work goggles and gloves produced by Zekler and Guide.


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