Terrace maintenance

Terrace maintenance

Did you know that impregnated terrace material is not protected from the weather elements?

A wooden terrace needs maintenance every year. A well-maintained terrace will remain beautiful for years, and new deep-impregnated terrace boards also require treatment with wood preservatives on both sides that, in addition to color and moisture resistance, provide UV protection. Maintenance during the spring gives the terrace a fresh look for the duration of the summer and protects the wood from the sun, which mercilessly destroys the surface of the wood. During the fall and winter months, a decorative, solvent-based, wood-protective glaze protects the terrace boards against water and ice which, when penetrating the wood, will damage it as well.

Terrace maintenance and cleaning

During the glazing treatment of the terrace, the surface is first cleaned of dirt, lichens and other refuse that has accumulated on the terrace over time. The terrace is washed with a cleaning agent, the main component of which is caustic soda. The caustic soda solution is applied to the surface and allowed to rest for a short time, then the surface of the terrace is scrubbed with a scrubbing brush. If necessary, the procedure is repeated until the desired result is achieved. The caustic soda solution helps to remove dirt, fungi and lichens from the terrace’s surface. The caustic soda solution opens the pores of the wood for the wood protection glaze. After scrubbing, the terrace’s surface is rinsed with copious amounts of water to ensure the removal of any cleaning agent residue. It must be remembered that caustic soda is also corrosive to the skin, so appropriate tools must be used.

Maintenance of the terrace is carried out in two stages. Once the terrace is cleaned and rinsed, the surface must be allowed to dry properly. When the surface of the terrace is dry, a decorative, solvent-based wood protection coat is applied to the surface. Yearly terrace maintenance keeps the surface beautiful and durable.